Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 5:13 am
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[Video] Thornbro – “Stomp Beat Cypher” (Live Recording)

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So I got hit up by Benney and I’m starting in this cypher,
If you a “10” well then I’m a “20” but I really don’t want to fight ya,
With this lyrical spiritual I’m serving up miracles,
If you’re finding it difficult I would say that you’re typical,
Cause I never gave up when, I never thought I’d make it big,
But it’s The Year of the Believer so I’m making it,
I eat but I’m not done feeding me, I’m sticking to my roots no MTV,
I’m making a wav. you an mp3, but never mind that so n-v-m(e),
Get it? Nvme (envy me)? 1 man team MVP,
Staying out of drama, but I know it better than TNT,
So, I’m blowing up, late to the party I’m showing up,
That’s all I know about fashion, but this rappin’, I’m loading up,
Bout to pull the trigger you may want to take a step back,
I’m making four figures some call that a setback,
But I won’t forget that every time the crowd is yelling Thornbro,
Cause I know the struggle, and I work harder than you’ll ever know,
I work harder than you’ll ever know,
If you want to see then watch me rock a show,
If you don’t believe me, wait until you see me on the tv,
Dedicated, daper, dashing, yea you will see me in 3D,
“So so hit the flo, bring it back up then drop it low, woah,”
That’s all they say, chasin’ paper didn’t you know?
So if that’s how you make it I’ll never be famous,
But then artists just say that, get a little fame, then change it,
But I’m never gonna be like that, trying to bring back conscious rap,
But a bro white kid from Shelby you would think that he’d be whack,
This crack I’m spitting got me put behind bars,
My flow is so sickly and deadly you would think I had SARS.

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