Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 6:58 am
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[Video] Madison Jay – Past | Present | Future [INTERVIEW] Part 2 w/ Welsh Da God

Rising Artist Madison Jay links back up with Welsh Da God (of for another introspective Past, Present, Interview.Welsh sits down with Raleigh, NC lyricist Madison Jay exclusively at Estate Boutique in Downtown Raleigh to discuss recent events going on for Madison in the upcoming months. Madison touches about his life altering car accident last year, his upcoming performances, the viral success of his “Psycho” music video and what’s the hoopla behind his much anticipated new project.

You won’t get artist to be this in depth and concise about their lives at such an early period of their careers, so enjoy the 2nd Volume in the Past | Present | Future Interview series.
Madison Jay – Past | Present | Interview (Part 1)

Madison Jay – Psycho (Music Video)

Madison Jay – Psycho (SoundCloud Link)
Twitter – @themadisonjay
Facebook – Madison Jay and Madison Jay Music
SoundCloud – Madison Jay
Tumblr – RapsLikeWrestling
YouTube – Madison Jay

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  1. COUNTY!

  2. PureDopeWhiteLife

    at least he doesn’t sound like a moron like MOST “rappers”

  3. my nigga madie Jay making moves

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  5. The H Since 2002

    County! HGS! We here!

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  7. fucks with this interview

  8. my nigga get that gap fixed tho man!!!!

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