Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 4:47 pm
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[Video] ColorBlind x NewSC – My Block

FatRat Da Czar and Justin Smith, two racially and musically diverse South Carolina musicians, create a groundbreaking album with ColorBlind. Two years ago, FatRat Da Czar and Justin Smith challenged themselves to do something different. The result is a self-titled debut album entitled ColorBlind. The music gives an introspective look at how the two view each other, as two humans who have similar struggles, but come from very different backgrounds.


The second official visual from the duo, “My Block”, features a collaboration with South Carolina’s own hip-hop collective, New Success Culture. This song is a take of the Tupac classic “My Block” with a dedication to one of the greatest throughout the video. Both Colorblind and NewSC give their very different perspectives of their block and passionately perform it in studio in this emotionally captivating video.

The debut ColorBlind album can be found on iTunes now:



@ColorBlindUSofA – ColorBlind

@newsuccesscult – New Success Culture



ColorBlind –

NewSC –

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