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CD Front Covers No Fold(4.75 x4.75)

[Music] Bobby FKN White – Five Point Star (Feat. Vast Aire)

Singles & Wrinkles by Bobby FKN White Not only do fellow Aquarian rappers Bobby FKN White @bobbyfknwhite of @uuhiphop and Vast Aire @VASTAIRE2090 of Cannibal Ox share a birthday, they also share the beat on the recent collaboration track “Five Point Star” produced by Relik @therealrelik .

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[Music] Bobby FKN White – Two Hands [Prod. by DLX/Wish]

Underground Unheard emcee Bobby FKN White, of Asheville NC, releases his first single off the upcoming 17 track full length album “Singles & Wrinkles”. The track “Two Hands”, produced by Drum n Bass enthusiasts DLX and Wish, is an aggressive “half-time” beat with a lot of attitude that matches the message. @DLXBeats @UUHipHop

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