Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 4:14 am
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[Studio] Skyy Box Studios (Charlotte, NC)



Skyy Box Studios turns artistic visions into tangible dreams. Skyy Box
Studios is the home of Charlotte’s elite specialists in audio engineering,
production, and mixing and mastering services. Since 2015, Skyy box has
been elevating at an alarming rate. After recent renovations we offer a
luxurious yet, cozy setting for your album, podcast, voice-overs, or your
next upcoming project to be completed. We meet industry-standard recording
quality, to ensure when the time comes, your sound is radio-ready. We offer
the full-service treatment to complete your desired project, in a timely,
efficient, and professional manner. We hold ourselves at a very high
standard and sky-scraping caliber. With a team of top  producers through
Ill Muzik Productions and Heroes In the Skyy, your sound will remain
exclusive with the packages we extend to you. We offer a wide variety of
services from:

-Sound Recording




-We specialize in full projects



-CD duplication

-T-Shirt Printing

-Promotion Packages

-Artist Consultation

& More…

IG: SkyyBoxStudios

Twitter: SkyyBoxStudios

6600 East WT Harris Boulevard, Suite D, Charlotte, North Carolina 28215

(704) 345-3164



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