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[Studio] Platinum Plus Recording Studio (Charlotte, NC)

Platinum Plus Recording Studio is located in Matthews, North Carolina, and has become a staple in the foundation of an up and coming area that is saturated with amazing talent. Micheal, p/k/a SlimHood, has worked with all the best local talent in Charlotte, but also has worked Bank Roll Fresh, Fetti Wop, Parlae of the (Franchise Boys), Young Gwopa, Mojo, Deniro Farrar, and other upcoming names you’ll soon hear of that will come from the Platinum Plus family.

Platinum Plus Recording is not only a studio, but a brand that plans to extend itself to staff, the establishment, its work ethic and expectation. “We’re building a Team that’s rocking”, because we’re not looking back. Platinum Plus will become known as the home for the beginning of new era in recording, songwriting and music.


14731247_10207774750152042_5977917037837654361_nCharlotte, North Carolina native, Micheal Warlick, professionally known as “SlimHood,” is one of the most sought after producer/engineers that resides in the QC area. With a wealth of experience and production knowledge, Micheal knew early on that his natural talents would carry him into a bright future. SlimHood became passionate about music and followed his instincts to aspire new artists and producers. He then decided to create a brand that would allow him to stand out and represent the quality of his work. From that decision came Platinum Plus Recording Studio, which is rooted in Micheal’s polished skills and one-of-a-kind ear. A willingness to keep evolving and provide a world-class experience continues to be the driving force behind Micheal’s mission and vision.

Platinum Plus Recording Studio | 10508 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC | | 704-779-1406


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