Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 at 8:48 pm
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[Music] Corey Gipson – Deserter


“Deserter” is the first sneak peek at, southeast local, Corey Gipson’s third EP release and first self produced project. Twitter @AintThatCoreyG Bandcamp Soundcloud Instagram @CoreyGipson Corey’s Facebook

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[Music] Alex Aff – Escape [prd. Alex Aff]


Durham, North Carolina rising star Alex Aff is on a roll and returns this week with a new joint titled “Escape”, which he also produced. This song is about being a young dude from a poverty stricken environment/city that is trying to escape the temptations and the potential of failure, by pursing what he believes his purpose is. This will …

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[Music] Topiq – Code Switch

CS (credits [online])

This is the single “Code Switch” produced by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle. This song is conceptually the idea of assimilating ones self into a specific set of codes within particular social environments. Basically, everybody acts a certain type of way in front of certain types of people.

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[Music] Micah Peay – The Sky’s Star

unnamed (1)

The Sky’s Star is the second released single by poet, and rapper Micah Peay from his upcoming EP The Violet Hotel. It details the story of a young man, going through a difficult period in his life; resulting from a lonely upbringing. Instead of a traditional chorus, this song uses a poem to enhance the effect of feeling, and poetic …

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