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SocialBlog Mega Deal Promo Package

“The uniting of Social Media Marketing and Blogs”

What is social media marketing?
It’s marketing through social media and a very effective tool for developing a reputation and brand within social media communities, and cultivating influence among potential customers, fans, and supporters.

Social media marketing is currently being used by all types of business and individuals to:
  1. Build product and brand awareness
  2. Develop and nurture relationships
  3. Maintain and enhance reputation
  4. Increase traffic to a website
  5. Create buzz about a company, product, or person
  6. Learn what customers, fans, and supporters want
  7. Generate leads
  8. Connect people to offline events
The music industry has had extreme changes over the past few years, many of which have opened the doors for indie and up-coming musicians to compete with the majors. As social music has evolved, so has social marketing. Getting people to follow, like, pin and buy a brand’s products is now integrated into every smart brand’s strategy, especially brands that target young consumers. 
With the music industry slowly transforming into a digital era, and so many other musicians trying to make it in the industry, it is very important that you are on top of your social media game. 

The Importance Of Music Blogs
With radio barely supporting indie artists, blog sites is a good, fast way for artists to reach an audience and gain news fans. The internet has basically took over the world. Nowadays, a lot of music lovers get their music from off the internet so creating an online presence is a huge part of an artist success. I guess you can say that blogs sites are the “New Radio”. Basically blog sites are breaking artist too. Also, getting music placed on sites will help get you on more pages on Google. The more sites your music is posted on, the more pages it will show up on Google and that’s a very good look when someone has to “Google you”.

Now I will present to you the 3 packages we offer:

Bronze- $50
  1. 14 days of social network promo for
  2. Music featured in the main section for 1 week
  3. Music submitted to 5 blog sites

Silver- $75

  1. 21 days of social network promo
  2. Music featured in the main section for 2 weeks
  3. Music submitted to 5 blog sites

Gold- $100

  1. 30 days of social network promo
  2. Music featured on for 1 month
  3. Music submitted to 10 blog sites.

If you are interested in one of the promo packages, please contact me via email, phone, or Twitter.

Phone- 336-558-8630
@OfficialLocoLos and @NCtoSCconnect

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