Monday, October 16th, 2017 at 9:50 pm
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[Video] Chox-Mak – Patience (A Rock Royal Armani Film)


Chox-Mak is currently one of the most talked about indie artists in the game right now. Everyone loves the music he puts out and his work ethic matches his passion for music. Connecting with DJ YRS Jerzy in early 2013 was the greatest thing to happen for his career. Both their grinds match each other as one person pushes the …

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[Music] Tre’ Smith – “Never Again” (Produced by AJOnTheBeat)


“There’s a difference between permanent and seasonal friends…sometimes it takes time to realize who’s who…if you’ve ever dealt with someone who switched on you for no reason, more than likely you can relate.” Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @TreSmithNC Check out the website: Engineered by Guttaville: @IAmGuTTaViLLe

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[Blog] Check out the phone app for songwriters called “Sweet 16’s”


Description: Changing The Way Artists Organize Mobile Lyrics SWEET 16’s is a sleek and easy to use songwriters app that allows you to write, organize, and share your work on the go. While Song Titles mode enables the songwriter to select instrumentals and write full songs with verses, bridges, hooks ect., Lyricist Lounge mode allows you to separate your verses …

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