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[News] announces the title for their first mixtape | Slots available soon.

So as some of you might know, over the past year or so I have been announcing that I wanted to start a mixtape series showcasing all the good music that Carolina artists are out here making. It seems like our state is looked at as having “Lack of Talent” and “Lack of Grind”. I somewhat agree with the lack of grind part, but one thing I can say is that a lot of the artists in the Carolina’s whose music I have checked out makes some good ass music. All they need is to step their grind up a little, invest more, and more exposure.

I’m on a budget myself so I can’t really help with the investing part, and the only way I can help the next person step their grind up is to give them motivation and make them believe in themselves. Now when it comes to exposure, I definitely can help out in that department.

Over the past few years, I’ve branded myself well to the point where I get a lot of attention and people respect my opinion on music. I am also real good at getting artists on various blogs, radio stations, magazines, etc etc. As most people in the music business should know by now, EXPOSURE is key to getting the attention of labels. The more exposure you get, the more fans and business opportunities you attract and that will definitely get record labels attention.

So now I have decided to finally get started on doing the mixtape series since I got a little more time on my hands because I finally got the website ( doing how I want it to be. With that being said, the name or the mixtape will be called, “Grinders In Da Carolinas”. For those that know me, you probably kind of had an idea that the name would be something close to that.



To start off, slots for the mixtape will be $30 and $20. The $30 slots are limited to only 5 slots, with 1 song per slot. These artists will have their song on the top of the playlist and will also have their pic on the cover. And the $20 slots guarantee placement on the mixtape. The mixtape will be SPONSORED on and also distributed to various blogs and mixtape sites. The first mixtape will also have 2 guest DJ’s up there to be revealed in a later press. Also, the mixtape cover will be revealed hopefully on Monday, April 29th.


Planning ahead – My goal for doing the mixtape series is to start getting the attention of the people in the Carolinas and surrounding areas to show them that there are artists who make good music in the Carolinas. Hopefully if the tapes start doing well, I can draw in sponsors that will help us start a Carolina tour for artists who participate with the projects.


Mixtape title- “Grinders In Da Carolina’s”

DJ- To be revealed later

Slots- $30 and $20

Presented by- and Grinders Up Next

Release date-To be revealed later

Mission- To expose the talented, hard-working artists in the Carolina’s.

More info along with submission process and mixtape will be released later on.

Follow me on Twitter to stay updated-@OfficialLocoLos or @NCtoSCconnect.

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