Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 4:50 pm
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[Music] WNDRKND – “Sorbet” (feat. Well$ & Topiq The Smooth Prophet)

Out of all the songs that have been released thus far by North Carolina rapper, WNDRKND’s Sorbet is a drop that is a little bit different from the North Carolina artist’s previous offerings. First, the beat is a little bit more playful than cinematic, Second, this track is a North Carolina-only affair. Third, the song is more so about having fun than being serious, or pursuing some kind of epic, or cinematic appeal. No, fun doesn’t mean corny, but it does mean that every now and again, emcees need to loosen their collars, flex their skills a little bit, and just have a good time.


WNDRKND’s project, formerly called Golden Age Neoclassical, has since been renamed to CVTS, and will be releasing in full on June 30.

Topiq the Smooth Prophet

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