Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 10:35 am
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[Music] Benjamin Starr – “7th”

South Carolina artist Benjamin Starr returns with new music today titled “7th”, which in Ben’s words, is a track that was inspired by the power of symbolism. Ben is gearing up to release his new mixtape, “#FreeLunch” next month, of which this single will be featured on. 

Below are a few words Ben had to say about the track:
As an artist, and a native of Southern Carolina, I’ve tried to use special or powerful things in my surroundings to inspire songs that I write, i.e. “Fish & Grits” (2011) & “Charlamagne tha God” (2012). This track was inspired by the power of symbolism, in the number “7”, and by the talents of Seventh Woods, a HS basketball player in SC. Along with DJ D Dubb, and Nikki Williams, an avid hoops fan, hailing from SC, and her brand Foreign Öbject, we bring you the 2nd release from the upcoming ‘Free Lunch’ mixtape. Much like the Foreign Öbject brand, “7th” is about embracing your individuality, and pushing through towards completion of your journey. It symbolizes the unique thing that every person embodies that sets them apart from everyone else. On the journey to your “7”, it won’t always be easy, and it will take much work; but appreciate the journey and above everything else, GO HARD!!! 
Benjamin Starr on Twitter: @Benny_Starr

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