Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at 1:44 pm
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[Music] Archao Aggression – Someone Stop Me

This is “Someone Stop Me” Archao’s first song of 2015. A vicious rap metal dirge about as the lyrics say: “apartheid in Israel and genocide in Iraq “. Downfall mix tape coming.

Archao Aggression from Greenville, SC. Archao aka Ancient Anger is an artist who makes music for the sake of making music. Political, militant, and unrelentingly intense in his half rap, half metal sound. With influences from Tech N9ne to Lamb of God. Ancient Anger is quite simply not like the rest. 

Archao Aggression on Facebook and Instagram
Twitter @archaoagresion email at
Archao is at this time self managed. 864-387-9546

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