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[Model] Spake Da Model

Spake was born September 15, 1987. His parents are Ophelia Garmon-Brown and Augustus Brown. As a child Spake was always interested in entertainment, mainly music. At the age of 10, it was brought to his attention that he should try modeling. In 2004, he started modeling with John Casablanca, didnt find it too interesting and stopped. In 2007, the loss of his brother Daniel Pretty greatly impacted his life. Spake decided that music was not for him and focused on his modeling/acting career. His grind is for his brother and to give his family a better life. He’s been blessed with the support of friends and family. With a support system that pushes and believes in him as much as he does himself, he will succeed. Spake will make his acting debut in the independent film ’59’ by Fred Forte Jr. #SchemeTeam #TeamSpake

Follow him on Twitter @Spake_Griffin

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