Sunday, June 25th, 2017 at 11:40 pm
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[Mixtape] Rasta B. – Elevate

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ELEVATE is a acronym for “EVERYBODY’S LOST, ESCAPE VERTICALLY AND TEACH ESSENCE.” The EP depicts a time in the Rasta B life, when he has to separate himself from the mass to teach the essence of human culture. @RastaB on Twitter (Rasta B.)

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[Mixtape] KAIN – black : a story told by kain


A year after his debut album The Foundation, North Carolina artist Kain returns with “black: a story told by kain”, the first in a pair of EPs offering 2 takes on black experience in America. At the risk of sounding preachy, ‘black’ focuses on the serious themes of Gentrification, police brutality, and life in the aftermath of the 2016 election to …

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[Mixtape] 2Ru3 – 2Ru3 Stylin (Revisited)


South Carolina artist 2Ru3 (true) returns with “2Ru3 Stylin’ (Revisited)”, featuring the MC flowing over 5 instrumentals from various producers such as Erick Sermon and Warren G. Follow him on Twitter: @_2Ru3

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[Mixtape] Ralph Solo – Voyage of The Last Liger


Charlotte, NC artist Ralph Solo is finally back after taking a stint to find his new sound and it suits him quite well…This new Mixtape entitled “Voyage Of The Last Liger” is the product of his hard work. @TheChakraGod (Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr)

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[Mixtape] Chox-Mak – #TheSeveranceSessions


Chox-Mak has been an underground force for the last few years. He has worked with numerous underground and mainstream artists throughout his career. Chox has decided to throw in the towel…well at least drop his final album #TheSeverancePackage but don’t fret there is still much more music to come including this 5 track EP #TheSeveranceSessions. The project consists of a …

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