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[Mixtape Review] JayWin – Now You See Me

Before I get into this review, let me put out a disclaimer for anyone looking for one in the future: I am one person with an opinion. If I say anything you don’t like, deal. I am not a yes man — I am just a writer. If you want a biased assessment, don’t come to me. Back to the regularly scheduled program…

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Carolina On The Rise for giving me the opportunity to write mixtape reviews for the website. It’s an honor and I’ll provide the most honest feedback for the integrity of the site and for the artists who provide their material.

This review was done on JayWin’s debut EP “Now You See Me.” JayWin, who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. but moved to Raleigh, put out a five-track project which gave little room for error. I’ll split the review up in three parts: the pros, cons and final verdict.

now you see me cover

Pros: The intro track “Come Up” brought me in, as JayWin has a conversation with his mom, sandwiched with a verse, about his struggles with trying to be the next music superstar without falling into other vices. For any aspiring artist, it’ll hit home. The features also represented well, particularly Rah-L in “Gotta Get It and Jaye Gibbs in “Been Thru It All.” There’s a hiccup in this project (I’ll explain in the cons) but by the time “Irrelevant” ft. D. Green is over, you’ll wish there was at least another track or two.

Cons: To be honest, when I played “Now You See Me” the first time, I wasn’t really excited about it, but it did grow on me. I definitely wasn’t a fan of “Brodies” ft. Rohan Da Great which felt like a filler track — cool on an LP, but not when you’re only putting out five songs on a project. There also wasn’t a lot of replay value and while the features were cool, for a debut project you’re looking to hear more from the main artist. With four of the five songs featuring someone, you don’t really get the opportunity to gauge JayWin.

Final take: I felt like “Now You See Me” had its ups and downs, but overall it was a solid project. Here’s to hoping JayWin’s next one will clean up some of the issues I had. Of course, I’m just one person —gauge the project for yourself by checking out the link below:

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Review by @MicrowaveNC


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