Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 3:12 am
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[DJ] Meet North Carolina’s DJ Derrick Geeter


Derrick (DJDERRICKGEETER) Mills grew up in small town Vanceboro NC. Derrick graduated from West Craven High School in 2001, he continued on to get his Associates Degree in Digital Animation & Arts in 2004. A lover of everything hip hop he started selling CD’s at an early age to make money. His love for money, music & graphics led to the creation of NJOYGFX in 2013. NJOYGFX creates one of a kind business cards, flyers, mix-tape covers, & unique picture collaborations. His ideas are mind blowing, original & realistic! His products are detailed, quality, & affordable! Derrick is a DJ for Nitram Knarf DJs in New Bern NC. He also regularly works with artists to put together & host mix tapes.

He appreciates working with local artist giving them exposure & creating a versatile but unique mix tape. When he invents a mixtape its always like a movie! Artist crave that unique sound & appreciate the attention & detail put into their music. He’s hosted mix tapes by Ruga & Shyst Vader called Hustle & Muscle, Tef Kaluminoti/No Retreat No Surrender, Scale Gang/Cheers, Dour/Mo Money mo problems & many many more! Derrick is on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat & can be emailed at DJDERRICKGEETER05@gmail.com

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