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[DJ] DJ NorfCak (@DjNorfCak)

No matter if he’s spinning the latest Top 40 hits on local radio, hosting your favorite rapper’s
mixtape or rocking house parties until the break of dawn, the real role of any DJ is to break new
music. Whether the drug-laced rhymes of trap-star-turned-rapper Young Jeezy, witty wordplay
of controversial vixen Nicki Minaj or club-jumping jams of multi-platinum superstar Lil Wayne,
the DJ introduces new, fresh and relevant music to the masses.
From the late 70s hip hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc to the legendary Jam Master Jay all the way
down to super producer DJ Toomp, the man behind the ones and twos keeps his thumb on the
pulse of hip hop. And one of the most rapidly emerging record spinners to make his mark on
the music industry is Durham, NC-based record spinner DJ NorfCak.

Adopting his moniker as a representation of his home state North Carolina, this 25-year-old talent is a proud member of Cool Runnings DJ crew, distributes volumes of his muchanticipated mixtapes and is also CEO of his own independent label Carolina Certified Music Group. “The music that I promote and help create appeals to the streets and the hoods around the country,” says DJ NorfCak. “Because I came up struggling, we also promote major label and independent artists and make the type of music that urban people can relate to and get motivation from in their everyday life situations.” Born Shavar Boggan in the small country town
of Southern Pines, NorfCak was raised in the sleepy community of Jackson Hamlet, just five minutes away on the outskirts of the city. When he was nine years old, the family packed up and moved to the thriving city of Durham. Growing up in low-income housing projects surrounded by thugs, drugs and dire poverty, young Shavar depended on the streets to earn his bread and meat. “I didn’t have to depend on moms to buy me school shoes and clothes,” he admits, “because I learned to get money in the streets
with the homies. I never got into any trouble because I was smart about it as well!”At the age of 13, NorfCak was formally introduced to music as a means to surviving the ghetto. Using handheld cassette players to craft songs, he and one of his friends recorded their own freestyle verses over instrumental versions of popular songs. “That was the first start for us to go on and make music by any means necessary using what we had,” he recalls. “We didn’t have much to work with but the love for music kept us going…and
still does.” He didn’t really take the music seriously, however, until he lived a short stint in Florida. His mom’s friend had a nephew from Atlanta who was an aspiring producer who made beats with Frooty Loops computer program. “We used to vibe out to his beats and record a few songs here and there,” says NorfCak. In doing so, he grasped better knowledge on beat-making computer programs. During the same time, he enrolled in classes to learn Adobe PhotoShop and Garage Band computer programs. “The only reason I went to school was to go to that class to make beats. Music was my main interest,” NorfCak remembers. “After that, I knew what type of equipment and computer I would need to take my music endeavors to the next level.” At age 16, NorfCak began to take his hand at DJing when his godmother had house parties and her DJ friend would get drunk and leave his equipment at her house. With top-of-theline turntables and a mixer at his disposal, NorfCak began to learn his craft. By age 20, he had become a master behind the boards.
His first mixtape project, Streetz Certified The Mixtape, featured the hottest major label artists as well as aspiring independent rappers. He hit the streets with tons of copies and sold them for two dollars each. NorfCak came back with mixtape Mob Life. It was
hosted by Atlantic Records artist Alley Boy and racked up more than 6,000 views on His third project, Versatile Vendetta, debuted highly respected North Carolina rapper Pyrex, who has been making much noise throughout the Southeast.
“I love to hear people riding down the street bumping my music,” says NorCak. “That lets me know that they
can relate to me and my music.” Since then, he launched his own label Carolina Certified Music Group and became a member of
much-esteemed Cool Running DJ crew. With a string of more mixtapes on the horizon as well as the promotion of rapper Pyrex, DJ NorfCak is the voice of the Carolinas.

And most recently, he played a leading role planning the Duval Diamond Awards earlier this year. Presented by the Cool Running DJs, the event attracted various media from across the country, DJs, independent artist and nationally known celebrities Lil Scrappy, Dorrough and Alley Boy.

“Music has been running through my veins since I came out the womb. No one knew me just a
few years ago but I had the vision to put me exactly where I need to be,” he says. “Alls I gotta
do is keep a hustle mentality through it all!”

Check out some of his projects:

1.Download Carolina Connect Mixtape Hosted by @DJASHAWN & @DJNORFCAK  via @datpiff #CCG MOST RECENT PROJECT!

2. [Mixtape] @Pyrex87 – Versatile Vendetta :: Get It LIVE!  @IndyTapes @Dj864 @DjNorfCak CCG
Be sure to follow him on Twitter @DJNorfCak


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