Sunday, January 21st, 2018 at 1:14 pm
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[Blogs] 8 Social Media Tips (A must read)


Inspired by the Social Media panel at the AMS Conference this past weekend, I put together some social media tips for my music industry readers, as well as myself. There’s still so much to learn. Check the source links at the bottom for more technical information and Google “social media tips.” There is a right and wrong way to internet network. 1st …

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[Blogs] How and Why to Properly Label an MP3


For many aspiring music professionals, or even industry veterans, correctly naming song files are often low priority. Many people, if not a majority, don’t realize there is a specific format to creating mp3 files to ensure proper playback quality and maintain professionalism. The above Info Box may be a completely foreign sight to them. Renaming files and labeling file properties …

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[Blog] Who is the best Quarterback in the NFL?


It’s only been a few weeks into the 2012 NFL football season and debates are already going around as to who people think is the best quarterback. So who do you think is the best quarterback as of right now based off this years performances? Also, comment below as to why you think your quarterback is the best.  

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[Blogs] Dear Mainstream Rapper…(Message In A Bottle)

Mainstream rapper

Mr. Mainstream Rapper, This is an open letter to you. At this current point I have reached the epitome of my disgust with you. How long will you continue to be a pawn for racist capitalists who thrive off the destruction of my community? Will you continue to put a price tag on our people? How long will preach and teach …

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[Blogs] Family Matters (The Black Family)


Every day I notice some problems that plague us as a community, and when I look at every problem I try to think of what the overall source of the problem is, and of course potential solutions. Now first of all let me say that I LOVE my people, and my community, and I do not want to erase everything …

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[Blogs] Black Queen (Know Your Worth)


So I have recently had to come to the realization that a lot of Black brothers including myself treat our women pretty badly. A few weeks ago I went on a short vacation to South Beach in Miami with a few of my closest friends. If you ever been to South Beach during the spring break season then you know …

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[Blog] The Saturation of The Mixtape Game

images (7)

The Free Mixtape/Street Album phenomena is killing the revenue flow in the Hip-Hop game. Artists are not getting paid, producers are not getting paid, etc.. I say, leave the MULTIPLE Mixtapes for the DJs, and the rappers should go back to giving out singles and samplers and creating quality EPs or Albums that they can market and sell. Rappers have …

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[Blog] 5 Things ALL Artists Need

LaToya Rene’s manager, Ernesto Fernandez, explains the 5 must haves for EVERY artist. This is a must view if you didn’t know. Subscribe to their page Follow Them on Twitter @LaToyaRene and @ErnestoFernan3 Like them on Check Out Ernesto’s Dinner with Diddy!!

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