Monday, January 22nd, 2018 at 10:41 pm
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[Blog] Open Letter to Rachel Jeantel (R.I.P. Trayvon Martin)

Neighborhood Watch_6

Dear Rachel, I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. One of your good friends was murdered in cold blood, and now you have to ask explain the last moments you shared with him to the whole nation. You have to deal with the pressure and aggravation of having to answer the same questions over and over and …

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[Blog] My Issues with J. Cole. Is He Over Hyped? (By @DevinPass)


First, let me start by saying that everyone has there own opinion. So if you’re one of them crazed North Carolinians or fans that adore J. Cole like he Tupac then this blog post not for you.  Second, let me also say that I am a fan of J. Cole. Been listening since the The Warm Up. With that being …

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[Blog] You Can’t Change A Man!!!

images Tony Gaskins speaks on how females think they can change a man and explains why it is nearly impossible. Follow him on Twitter @TonyGaskins Check out his website

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[Blog] The Wilmington 10: A Struggle in History

w10 photo II

The Wilmington 10: A Struggle in History By Lamont Lilly – Durham, NC On Dec. 31, outgoing North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue, finally pardoned The Wilmington 10 – Rev. Benjamin Chavis, Connie Tindall, Marvin Patrick, Wayne Moore, Reginald Epps, Jerry Jacobs, James McKoy, Willie Earl Vereen, William Wright, Jr. and Ann Shepard – who all had sentences ranging from 15 …

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[Blogs] 10 Tips On How To Win In The Music Business


Just some random thoughts to help you succeed, in no particular order: 1) study the industry you are in. Read everything you can (discern what is accurate and what is bullshit hype) and talk to others WHO ARE SUCCESSFULLY doing what you want to do. You might need to reach out to 100 people to get one to respond, but …

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[Blog] Yes We Can, But We Haven’t Yet (When will change come)


What a powerful moment in time we find ourselves in this nation with the re-election of the first African American president with poverty rising, extremism coming from all ends, brains being brainwashed on a massive scale, etc.  For many people these factors seem like a new situation, however I believe we find ourselves at a very familiar situation particularly for …

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[Blog] The Advantages and Disadvantages of Spamming (Must Read)


The researchers over at the I.A.A. (Institute for Annoying Assholes) conducted a 7 year study to find out if annoying others with spam content actually benefited the senders of that spam. The study followed 50 chronic, spamming assholes to see if their persistent, pestering behavior had any positive effects on their endeavors. These 50 were part of a larger group …

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[Blog] How To Register With BDS, Mediabase And Soundscan


  BDS (BROADCAST DATA SYSTEMS): Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems is the world’s leading provider of airplay tracking for the entertainment industry. It’s free to submit your music to BDS for tracking. You do not need a bar code to register with BDS. Radio formats monitored include Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Album Rock, Classic Rock, Contemporary Christian, Country, Light AC, Modern Rock, …

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[Blog] How To Trademark and Copyright Your Music


TRADEMARKS Didn’t rapper, Common used to go by the name “Common Sense”? Why did he have to drop the “Sense”? I’ll tell you why it’s because, someone beat him to trademarking his own damn name… A new artist thinks up a cool name for himself. The 1st thing he should search for is to make sure no other company/artist is …

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[Blog] The War on Kids (The Best Way To Combat Violence)


I have really tried to keep my thoughts about this whole Newton situation. Being that I am one to never really hold my tongue or my thoughts, I have to speak my peace about this. The tragedy in Newtown is one that affects all people. Innocent children being killed in such a brutal manner affects a part of all hearts. …

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