Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 12:52 am
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[Blog] A Few Issues With Local Artists Events Around NC

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Over the past 5-6 years, I’ve been to well over 50 local artist-related events around North Carolina — talent shows, shows where local artists open up for mainstream artists, competition type events, open mics, concert type shows and meet & greets. Some have been dope, some have been OK, and some have been close to terrible. But one thing I can …

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[Mixtape Review] JayWin – Now You See Me

now you see me cover

Before I get into this review, let me put out a disclaimer for anyone looking for one in the future: I am one person with an opinion. If I say anything you don’t like, deal. I am not a yes man — I am just a writer. If you want a biased assessment, don’t come to me. Back to the …

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[Blog] On The Rise: Rohan Da Great

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This year has been a monumental one for the current and future music coming out of North Carolina to say the least. J. Cole had enormous success with 2014’s surprise December sleeper 2014 Forest Hills Drive (an album that had no Rap features). King Mez made us proud by working with the legendary Dr. Dre., Rhapsody’s notoriety is in full …

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[Blog] 10 Minutes | A prime example of #NewCharlotte

10 Minutes Instagram Final

For all of you who didn’t make it out to the Neighborhood Theatre last night, Lush Life Promo, Nameus and LZRS threw it down with 10 Minutes – “A Queen City Hip Hop Contest” featuring some of Charlotte’s hottest hip hop acts. The full line up can be viewed below: Last night was a prime example of the coined up …

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[Album] Young Gunner – In The Moment (Review)


New music from OME ( Our Moment Ent ) Young Gunner out of Orangeburg SC, “In The Moment”. This album has been long in the making and finally is here! Young Gunner debut mixtape “My Moment” came out New Years Eve of 2011 and “The Bad Guy” in 2013. Young Gunner is one of a few rappers in his area …

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[Blog] Breaking Into The Music Industry: Work for Hire Agreements


ChaseLawyers On Breaking Into The Music Industry Today’s Topic: “Work-For-Hire” Agreements According to the United States Copyright Act [17 USC Sec. 102], an author enjoys copyright protection as soon as he/she “fixes” his/her original work in a “tangible medium of expression” (for example by writing it down or recording it). The same principle applies, however, for independent contractors (artists, back-up …

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[Blog] Check out the phone app for songwriters called “Sweet 16’s”


Description: Changing The Way Artists Organize Mobile Lyrics SWEET 16’s is a sleek and easy to use songwriters app that allows you to write, organize, and share your work on the go. While Song Titles mode enables the songwriter to select instrumentals and write full songs with verses, bridges, hooks ect., Lyricist Lounge mode allows you to separate your verses …

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[Blog] Breaking Into The Music Industry: TuneCore vs. CDBaby

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ChaseLawyers℠ On Breaking Into The Music Industry Today’s Topic: TuneCore v CDBaby With digital music sales increasing due to the decline of physical albums, companies (called “aggregators”) such as TuneCore and CDBaby are revolutionizing marketing opportunities for independent artists. Aside from offering online music distribution and performance-royalty collection (working alongside PROs), they also collect publishing royalties from the sale and …

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[Blog] Breaking Into The Music Industry: The Harry Fox Agency (HFA)


ChaseLawyers On: Breaking Into The Music Industry Today’s Topic: The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) Under US copyright law (and in most other developed countries), an individual has copyright ownership in his/her original musical composition as soon as he/she fixes it in a “tangible medium” (like writing it down or recording it). One of the important ways in which composers can …

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[Blog] Breaking Into The Music Industry: Performance Rights Organizations


The owner of a copyright in a protected musical composition may use the work as (s)he wishes; conversely, (s)he may prevent others from using that work without authorization. Whenever a musical work (“song”) is being performed for commercial purposes, that owner should almost always expect to receive a royalty. Making individual efforts to collect royalties, however, require hours of investigation …

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