Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 5:09 pm
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[Blogs] Black Queen (Know Your Worth)

So I have recently had to come to the realization that a lot of Black brothers including myself treat our women pretty badly. A few weeks ago I went on a short vacation to South Beach in Miami with a few of my closest friends. If you ever been to South Beach during the spring break season then you know how it is; bright skies, amazing beach, great food, all night parties, and of course beautiful women pretty much everywhere you can look. This place for any young man is probably the closest thing to paradise. However, while I spent time walking up and down the beach area and at the clubs to the wee hours in the morning; I was confronted with the ugly way a lot of our brothers approach our women.
For a lot of men, the idea of approaching a beautiful woman and trying to spark a conversation out of thin air can be a pretty intimidating situation. The idea of rejection for a lot men is downright embarrassing and detrimental to one’s ego. So what I saw from a lot of brothers was outright disrespectful when it came to the approach of our women. I saw a lot of men speaking straight aggressively, physically grabbing women, and even calling the woman out of her name if she did not respond to their advances. Several times I noticed brothers act like a pack of wild hyenas chasing after an easy kill. However, the most of amazing thing of all was that more often than not a lot of the women actually responded positively to these responses. Are times really that bad these days’ ladies? I was pretty saddened to see a lot of my beautiful sisters responded to this outright disrespectful or lack of “coof” advances. No creation or thought was put into these advances; most times the guy was staring at what the sister had sitting in her swimsuit rather than her face.
So I decided to ask one of brothers on the street I saw making these advances at women walking by on why he chose that approach. He responded to me simply saying “it works,” then he said “if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t keep doing it.” From this I gained the conclusion, that if a lot women would not respond to the outrageous advances, then men would have no choice but to change their approach. In today’s African American society women are often times treated like sex objects or portray them self as sex objects. Take a quick glance at the ever classic BET for a second during 106 and Park, and during these videos you will see our women objectified as pure eye sex candy. The influence of objectifying our women can be seen by a lot of our women today. Just take a look at a lot of profile pictures are on our beloved social networking sites, a lot of poses of our young women are highly sexual, and the most of them I talk to say it’s because they get a lot of attention from it. My beautiful sisters you have to know your worth, you are way more than your hips, thighs, and curve of your breast. You are the bearer of life, you are our sisters, you are our mothers, you are our daughters, and most importantly you are one of God’s greatest gifts.

My Black Queen.

Written by @TheBlackVoice

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