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[Blogs] 4th Quarter Strategy Session: Are you ending the year with a BANG?


4th Quarter Strategy Session: Are you going to end the year off with a BANG or a WHIMPER?

Attention Independent Artists: What is your 4th Quarter strategy? We are in the 4th Quarter. Are you going to end the year off with a BANG or a WHIMPER?

The 4th Quarter is the most important quarter in the business cycle and the most important quarter in some competitive sports like Football and Basketball. The 4th quarter is when the big push occurs in the music industry to recoup on budgets, impact sales, and to expand profit margins. The 4th quarter is usually reserved for some of the hottest music releases you’ve been waiting for all year.

Equally important, the 4th Quarter is the time when major labels closely watch the independent artists who are making an impact at the end of the year. These are the independent artists who the major labels will strongly consider offering record deals in the 1st quarter of the upcoming year.

However, sadly, in the music game, most independent artists sit out the 4th Quarter. The Internet has leveled the playing field and has allowed serious indie artists to be able to compete with major artists in the 4th quarter. However, the majority of independent artists fold up shop during this time and just look forward to the upcoming year whereby they will continue along with the same failed tactics.

Don’t Be Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind In The 4th Quarter:

Now is the time to position yourself for success and make an impact. Don’t get passed up due a lack of visibility. There are myriad of opportunities during the 4th quarter, which are aligned with the holiday season. It is a crucial time for branding.

Don’t let your hard work throughout the year go unnoticed while you plan for the future! In the 4th quarter, keep the ongoing communications with your target audience to avoid missed opportunities. Make sure you continue to implement promo campaigns to prospective fans. Keep your reach consistent, leveraging your brand personality to foster relationships that carry over into the next year.


ATTENTION INDEPENDENT ARTISTS: Are you receiving publishing Checks? Do you sell merchandise? Do you sell digital downloads? Are you getting paid from shows? Have you generated revenue by licensing your music? Have you obtained funds from Endorsements or Sponsorships? Do you get paid from doing features? Who is your target market? What is your distribution network? Do you have a marketing plan and budget in place? Do you keep track of money you spend and money you take in regarding your music? Do you pay taxes based on income generated from your musical endeavors? How much did you earn last year from your music endeavors? How much do you expect to earn this year? How much did you invest in Promotion last year? How much did you invest in promotion this year?

The success of any music artist lies in the hands of his or her ability to make the world aware that their music exists. PROMOTION IS KEY!


Written by @UrbanThreshold

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