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[Blog] Open Letter to Rachel Jeantel (R.I.P. Trayvon Martin)

Dear Rachel,

I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. One of your good friends was murdered in cold blood, and now you have to ask explain the last moments you shared with him to the whole nation. You have to deal with the pressure and aggravation of having to answer the same questions over and over and over again. After a while it felt as if you were the one on trial, this is just a clear picture of how silly the American justice system is.

Now, if there wasn’t enough grief on your end, people want to bash and shame you because of you how you talk or how you look. The thing that bothers me the most is that a good portion of the bashing comes from our own people. You would think that Black people would stick together in a crucial time like this.  One of our sons, one of our brothers has been murdered; we should be focusing on making sure he gets justice.  It must be infuriating to hear people speak poison about how you can’t speak “proper English.” They are even so ignorant to equate your intelligence to how well you speak  “proper English,” even though most of us don’t speak “proper English” ourselves.  In fact, you can speak English better than any linguist and still be dumb as rocks. The saddest thing is that they don’t dare question or think about your circumstances; they are small-minded so they only assume.

They don’t dare to think about the fact that you are Haitian, and that Haitian Creole and Spanish are the main languages spoken in your home and community. They don’t to think about the fact that the schools in your area possibly weren’t equipped or cared to teach the standard American vernacular that everyone claims to know. Nah, they don’t think about any of that. They only assume. They only assume that you were exposed to the same opportunities as them. They only assume that it is easy to take the stand under oath and answer questions about a terrible tragedy that affected you personally.  It’s sad that this society is still so small-minded young princess.

But please don’t hate them for their ignorance. You have to understand that over 500 years of being fed self-hate, our people still continue to show trauma from our conditioning. We have been conditioned to hate ourselves, and many of us walk around letting the insecurity of self-hate eat away at us. These are the people that feel embarrassed for the whole race every time a Black person doesn’t act according to their liking.  This is result of our conditioning.

The best way to battle this ignorance is to love.  Have an undying love for yourself, because when you have that kind of love for yourself, you love others just the same. These people need love, and we must be the ones to give it to them. We can’t expect our oppressors to ever show us any love. No matter how well we speak their language, or act how they want us to, they will never show us love.  Others won’t love us until we love ourselves. I would just like to extend my love and light out to Rachel Jeantel. I am so proud of you for holding your composure during a nightmare of an ordeal. Many of us would have gone crazy way before we even made it to the stand, however you have remained strong throughout.  My hope and prayer is that you remain strong through this tough time. Much love to you young queen, continue to love.  Justice for Trayvon!



Written by @TheBlackVoice

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