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[Blog] On The Rise: Rohan Da Great

This year has been a monumental one for the current and future music coming out of North Carolina to say the least. J. Cole had enormous success with 2014’s surprise December sleeper 2014 Forest Hills Drive (an album that had no Rap features). King Mez made us proud by working with the legendary Dr. Dre., Rhapsody’s notoriety is in full bloom and most recently “California” by Colonel Loud has become a certified hit. It’s evident that we are the home to many multi-talented artists who are chasing the upper echelon of several musical genres. The artist “Who’s Got Next” as well as many eyes on him, very well may well be North Carolina’s own Rohan Da Great.

The Brooklyn Born, North Carolina based Emcee has been on our radar since we posted his debut solo effort “Rule The World” last year. The song was dope and showed us a mere glimpse of a rare star in the making. Not only does Rohan create his own production and instrumentation of his music but he lives the culture of music as a whole. So much so, that we had to add him and his music to our “Grinders in Da Carolina’s” Mixtape series. Rohan continued to flood us with musical gems of heat for the rest of the year with “Tried by 12,” a revolutionary freestyle tribute to “Michael Brown.” “Old Me,” the dope collaboration with Jaywin that was an anthem for anyone who has had to revert back to old survival behaviors to sustain a new and better mind state by barring negative energy from their lives be it in the form of relationships, business colleagues or just pure idiotic individuals. Finally Ro blessed us with some mean bars hittin’ off the top with the heavy crew banger, “LAR VS. WHOEVER.”

But this year Rohan turned it up a notch.

Rohan started the year off great with “Say Goodbye,” a heartfelt dedication to his late Grandmother and Godmother. Rohan had released great songs before but this one touched people’s hearts and had a familiarity that listeners could relate to. During the Spring Rohan was part of another banger. The unmodest track “I know It” by Jaye Gibbs feat. Rohan Da was simply crazy. Rohan returned again like an artist possessed with a flaming feature verse on “Brodies” by Jaywin. As Rohan was building up huge momentum and feeding the hungry fans more to keep his buzz relevant, while taking chances and relishing in his versatility, we had no idea about the success that was to come.

During the summer Rohan linked up with EDM producer, DJ and drawing artist, Dani Deahl and created “SMYK.” The tune was premiered on Billboard.com and received love from the major publications of that genre and even received praise by MTV. Rohan was credited with crafting the perfect lyrics that showed his skill and created a perfect balance between Rap & EDM, providing a vocal that stands out but yet still compliments the instrumental aspect of the song. “SMYK” was dubbed the perfect party track. The song immediately began charting and was becoming an international hit. Souncloud plays alone skyrocketed to 200,000 +. “SMYK” became so popular that Dani & Rohan sparked a Nationwide tour to promote the single, entitled the Show Me Your Kitties tour. Now kitties can be cute baby kittens or the kittykat of a beautiful lady, either way, the #SMYK tour hit 32 Cities across the country, most notably, LA, NY, ATL, CHI and FL. Rohan performed up and down the coasts gaining new fans while delivering stellar performances. Footage can be found of Rohan turning up, giving off superb showmanship and crowd engaging energy and even getting flung down by a women or two on to some stages for lap dances.

While having a taste of commercial success with “SMYK,” Rohan wanted to drop something for his “Hip Hop” purist fan base. Rohan released “Only One” a melodic and verbally visual track that speaks of his issues with a past love. The lyrics are raw and heartfelt and showcase Rohan’s storytelling skills. The rawness of the verses were complemented with the smooth accompaniment of Stoney’s vocals on the hook. Rohan again had another hit on his hands. The song received great reviews from critical Hip Hop lovers and continued Rohan’s great year. If that’s a sign of what’s to come from Rohan Da Great, then it looks like next year will be even better.


In the first quarter alone Rohan is expected to drop his much anticipated debut Hip Hop EP “The Real” along with a documentary style DVD which focuses on the stories behind each song, showing the recording process and giving us an even deeper glimpse into the life of a multi-faceted rising independent artist. In addition Rohan will be dropping “Money Maker,” his commercial EDM follow up to “SMYK,” which is expected to have the clubs on fire so, watch ya girl. As if that wasn’t enough, Rohan is also going to show his versatility in 2016’s second quarter by releasing “Summer Time.” The dancehall hit he crafted for and performed at the “Carib Mask Caribbean Carnival” in Raleigh. With such drive, talent and versatility and pure hunger Rohan Da Great as we said before may be the next big artist out of NC, so pay attention and ask yourself, Who’s Got Next? We have a good feeling it’s Rohan Da Great!!

Be sure to keep up with Rohan by visiting his official site and connecting on Social Media.


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