Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 11:12 am
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[Blog] My Issues with J. Cole. Is He Over Hyped? (By @DevinPass)

First, let me start by saying that everyone has there own opinion. So if you’re one of them crazed North Carolinians or fans that adore J. Cole like he Tupac then this blog post not for you.  Second, let me also say that I am a fan of J. Cole. Been listening since the The Warm Up. With that being said lets get to it.

I wanna congrats this man for going certified GOLD on his last album “The Sideline Story.” Probably the only recognition NC has received in music since “Petey Pablo.”

J. Cole’s sophomore album Born Sinner dropped June 18th and I seen a lot of people on my timeline(twitter and IG: DevinPass) give their opinions on it before I took a listen. Most of yall, over hyping stuff as usual, calling it “Album of the Year,” “J. Cole Better Than Kanye,” “Ima buy 3 copies” etc…

So I finally gave in to you people “social network promotions” and took a listen anddddd…….

Listen its a good album, it really is but my issue with Cole is his work as an Artist is TOO REPETITIVE AND BORING. With a person with so much lyrical talent, he doesn’t progress well.

To me, he still rapping like he still in Fayetteville, NC with no deal and the hopes of making it big. He raps like he broke. The beats are starting to bore me. And the lyrical content still there but Mr. Cole I know you don’t have Beyonce, Jay-Z, Baby and Drake money. So you don’t have to remind us every song.

My most important problem is J. Cole has not proved he’s an “ALL-AROUND” rap artist yet. What separates those MILLIONS of dollars Cole want so bad is that he is NOT versatile. I can’t hear Cole on beats like Pop That by French or Versace by Migos like i could with Drake. When the last time you heard J. Cole in the clubs besides Power Trip? Let me guess Workout huh?? These things separates the artists Headlining a WORLD tour then just a regular US tour.

Me personally I feel the music in the clubs is just as important as the music that’s on the radio. So why you rant and tell me club music not important (even though yall stay in clubs) why can’t somebody that’s so great as J. Cole cant produce club music. I’m not asking you to make a twerk song but damn. Why do Cole limit himself to just soul/hip hop beats?? Why are the beat selection all the same type??? All the greats from Tupac to Biggie to Jay-Z to Kanye to Drake to Lil Wayne and NAS, who J. Cole looked up to so much, made hits and classic albums of overall music in there careers.

So that’s my take on it. I cant put J. Cole in my Top 8 until he progress with being an overall rapper rather than a lyrical rapper because if he continues the fans will grow old and speak the same on album number 4 as I am on album number 2.

But all of this is just my opinion what yours???

Comment and let me know if you do/don’t feel the same way

And buy J. Cole album “Born Sinner” yall love him so much make him get platinum this time around


Peace, Love and Good Music
PS: OH yeah, Crooked Smile is the worst J. Cole song EVER made.

But You Know… My Opinion

Written by: @DevinPass

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  1. Totally agree felt like this his first album agree with everything you said

  2. he’s no tupac but neither is nas or kanye but he is a great lyricist the whole point of the album was him saying he didn’t want to be one of those club/radio hit rappers listen to let nas down

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