Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 6:50 am
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[Blog] Check out the phone app for songwriters called “Sweet 16’s”


Changing The Way Artists Organize Mobile Lyrics

SWEET 16’s is a sleek and easy to use songwriters app that allows you to write, organize, and share your work on the go. While Song Titles mode enables the songwriter to select instrumentals and write full songs with verses, bridges, hooks ect., Lyricist Lounge mode allows you to separate your verses from your hooks, giving you a smoother songwriting experience. On this page you can press the action overflow for two secure saving methods. In Delivery mode the songwriter can see their work on a separate page in a scroll down view – presenting easily readable text, as well as changing colors and different styled fonts. Full-screen Immersive mode hides all user interface buttons, notifications and the action bar – allowing your lyrics to reach from edge to edge. The screen doesn’t dim out in Delivery mode, preventing you from losing your place or interrupting your work. Look out for the auto-scroll feature – set the beats per minute and your text will move down in a karaoke like pattern. SWEET 16’s urban dictionary is backed by Google’s search suggestion engine, storing thousands of words – both slang and professional. Lastly, enter SWEET 16’s faster with our sleek new widget, just tap the shield and start writing that next big hit.
SWEET 16’s Features:
• Simple interface – create and edit songs by section (i.e. verse, hook)
• Full-screen Immersive mode allowing lyrics to reach from edge to edge
• Write lyrics in a portrait or landscape view
• In app media player and auto replay of instrumental
• Backup and restore feature to provide easy recovery of lyrics
• Urban dictionary with search suggestions
• Auto-scrolling, change color and optional text sizes with set permanent backlight
• Save your work to a text file on the SD card
• Share your songs via text, Gmail, Twitter, ect.
• Various fonts, all-caps, and other edit text options
• Automatic saving when receiving incoming phone calls
• No Ads
• Updated regularly
• Please send any suggestions to


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