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[Blog] A Few Issues With Local Artists Events Around NC

Over the past 5-6 years, I’ve been to well over 50 local artist-related events around North Carolina — talent shows, shows where local artists open up for mainstream artists, competition type events, open mics, concert type shows and meet & greets. Some have been dope, some have been OK, and some have been close to terrible. But one thing I can say is that there are A LOT of talented artist in Carolinas.

After a while I started noticing some bad trends at most of the events, especially the regular local showcases. Most of these issues have made me kinda “iffy” (look it up in the urban dictionary) about attending events that I get invited to. Here are a few:


1. Too many artists on the show line up (More than 10)

This is one of the main problems I see — promoters booking 15-20 artists for a one night showcase. As much as I love to see artists perform, I hate having to sit (or stand) through a bunch of performances, especially when the promoter is letting just any artist perform just because they paid. I’ve even seen artists complain about not getting a chance to perform because there were so many booked that the show ran over the venue closing time.


2. Artists and their crew leaving after performance

Mannnnnn, if this one here doesn’t grind my gears. I don’t even want to write much about this particular one because it would be a 4-page letter.


3. Allowing the “wrong” artist to perform in front of the wrong crowd.

There’s nothing I hate worse than seeing an autotuned trap rapper trying to perform in front of people who came to see backpack/conscious/lyrical type artists and vice versa. It just kills the whole vibe of the venue when most of the artists performing are all somewhat similar in style, and then that one artist gets up there and everybody has the “why are you on this stage” facial expression.


4. Artists are only allowed to perform one song.

Most of the events that I’ve been to that were enjoyable contained artists who usually performed at least three songs. It’s kinda hard to catch a vibe with an artist when they only perform one song, especially if it’s one that you are not really into. I kinda understand the one song rule for competition type events where there are judges but still, only one song? Bruh.

On the flip side, sometimes I’ll be happy that some of the artists the promoter booked only did one song because some have weak stage presence.


5. The crowd doing everything else except paying attention.

I’ve seen people shooting pool, having whole conversations, taking selfies for Instagram and all types of  other things while artists are on stage performing…but as soon as their homie is on stage, they all of sudden want to start paying attention.

There are many other problems I’ve seen or even heard others complain about, but I just wanted to mention a few that occur wayyyyyyyy too often.

Thanks for reading this post. You can follow me on Twitter @TheHomieLos and Instagram @NCtoSCconnect. Please voice your opinions about this article or about issues you’ve experienced and maybe be can create a open dialog on ways to make things better.

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